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Why Hire Us

Trust. Accountability. Quality.
First impressions matter in the property management industry. Customers, potential clients and visitors are judging management by the overall appearance of their property daily. Let DPC help you achieve your goals and exceed the expectations of your customers.
DPC will provide stability, consistency, and constant training to ensure that your property is cleaned and maintained to the highest standards. When expectations and standards are exceeded, you will always pass daily evaluations and create a positive and great first impression.


Trust is never given and only earned. DPC will earn your trust through our reliability as we operate your property at a high standard daily. Our ability to handle daily task, problem solve and communicate will only create a stronger trust level as our time accumulates at your account. DPC professionalism with customers, quick response time and structured quality cleaning will create assurance and confidence for the Property Manager.


Accountability is holding our employees to a common expectation and understanding of our companies values and goals. When DPC creates accountability we our holding ourselves and our employees to a commitment to perform at a high level of service for you as our client. 


When creating quality, you must be willing to take the time and put in the effort to perform a job to the highest standards. At DPC our goal is to outperform the previous vendors and to create improvement to the property that is noticeable by the customers and the management company. Creating great quality involves providing great service and meeting our customers’ expectations, fulfilling all the scope of work to a higher level than previously performed and having open communications with your staff. 

Environmentally Friendly

DPC offers the use of eco-friendly chemicals to clean your building. Ecofriendly chemicals have low odors and safer chemical levels than traditional cleaning chemicals. This helps employees with allergies and asthma. DPC can provide the use of a HEPA 3 filter system vacuum. This provides less dust and dirt in the air than a traditional cloth upright vacuum. The use of eco-friendly chemicals and HEPA filter vacuums provides better air quality for employees. DPC has you covered for environmental cleaning whether it is to create a healthier environment or to meet your LEED or Green certification needs.

Wide Range of Indoor & Outdoor Services

DPC can provide many different indoor and outdoor services to help maintain your property. Inside services include carpet cleaning, construction cleaning, and painting. We also provide kitchen cleaning and event cleaning. For your outdoor needs, we offer parking lot striping, window washing, painting, and pressure washing.

Custom Cleaning Programs Just For You

The decision-making process concerning what time and schedules that you want to implement to your property can be difficult. Whether it's day or night cleaning , DPC can create a schedule and program that best meets the needs of your property.

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Our Quality Guarantee

DPC prides itself in establishing its name as the leader in providing top-quality service to its clients. Your satisfaction with our services is of the utmost importance to us. We guarantee that you will be happy with the quality of our cleaning services and make sure it's done right.

Request a Free Cleaning Estimate Online or Call Us for more information. 

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