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Day & Night  Cleaning

We will provide our knowledge and expertise and work with you to determine which cleaning schedule works best for your building.

We offer flexible cleaning times 

Request a Free Cleaning Estimate Online or Call Us for more information. 

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DPC has the experience and expertise to create an effective and consistent program for your account that aligns with your goals.

Day Time Cleaning

Cleaning during the day presents awareness and rapport between the tenant and the cleaner. Day cleaning can become essential if your goal is energy savings or obtaining a higher LEED or GREEN certification. 

Collect energy savings from daytime cleaning. The savings come from:

  • Less HVAC system use then at night 

  • Decreased lighting required during the day

  • Reduced night time cleaning 


Night Time Cleaning

Night cleaning allows for more efficiencies and deeper cleaning when your space is less occupied.  Night cleaning creates ample time for the cleaning employee to perform their schedule to the highest standards. Most of the night cleaners start at 6:00 PM or after the tenant has left work which creates less interference with the cleaners and tenants during business hours.

Moving Beyond Visual Inspections 

ATP Monitoring measures residual organic matter that may remain after a surface is cleaned. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is an enzyme that is present in all organic matter – living and once-living. Test points are identified in each building and scheduled readings are conducted by the Project Manager and Quality Control Manager. DPC’s software application allows management to track cleaning verification results, quickly identify problem areas, compare multiple facilities or areas, and generate reports for management and record keeping. Locations that are below target scores indicate re-training is needed for that cleaner. Implementing a monitoring system (ATP) to validate cleanliness has been shown to increase compliance to cleaning procedures from 40% to 82%.
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Our Quality Guarantee

DPC prides itself in establishing its name as the leader in providing top-quality service to its clients. Your satisfaction with our services is of the utmost importance to us. We guarantee that you will be happy with the quality of our cleaning services and make sure it's done right.
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