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Sanitation Cleaning (COVID-19)

Our primary goal is to provide a quick response and immediate availability around the clock. We want to ensure the overall health and safety of your employees and customers during this pandemic.

Stay safe and operational during these trying times and contact DPC today.

We Provide COVID–19 Disinfecting, Electrostatic Spraying and EPA Registered Disinfectants

Get started with 24/7 service. Call 404 418-1443 or

You are not alone in the fight against COVID-19.

DPC helps keep your accounts and customers operational to contain the spread of COVID-19.


Our employees are are COVID-19 trained 

DPC employees are mandated to follow the CDC protocol for all our accounts to keep the safety of themselves and most importantly the customers around them. Our employees are trained in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and expected to follow OSHA rules and guidelines.

We use certified EPA registered disinfecting chemicals

We use a certified EPA registered disinfectant with a 30 second kill time against COVID-19 and is effective against SARS and COV-2. Our disinfectant also has a kill time of 45 seconds against Norovirus. DPC response and reaction time is crucial and imperative to all our current and new customers 24/7.

Electrostatic spraying for COVID-19

We offer electrostatic spraying to all of our current and new customers. When disinfecting for a positive  or due to a positive exposure for COVID-19 having an employee disinfectant a space  can  involve  human error like missing items or  struggling with hard-to-reach areas. This is why electrostatic spraying is the most thorough and detail way to disinfectant a infected area.

Benefits of Electrostatic Spraying:

  • When using an electrostatic sprayer, we cover a larger amount of square footage at a faster rate.

  • The electrostatic sprayer charges the ions in the disinfectant liquid to stick and bond to objects in hard-to-reach areas that may be infected.

  • Electrostatic spraying is the best method to clean and protect any area that an employee has been exposed or tested positive for COVID -19.

Get extra protection with our specialized COVID-19 personal porters

Want extra protection and safety during business hours? A COVID -19 personal porter is a great way to show you are taking extra precautionary steps against COVID-19. Our COVID-19 porter creates a presence of safety and assurance for employees during a pandemic. The porter disinfects high-touch items and surfaces throughout the day.

Our porters keep important high-touch items and surfaces disinfected throughout the day:

  • Door handles, light switches, and elevator buttons

  • Counters in breakrooms, copier rooms, and conference room tables

  • Most important are bathroom sink handles, flush valves, and bathroom stall door lock

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Our Quality Guarantee

DPC prides itself in establishing its name as the leader in providing top-quality service to its clients. Your satisfaction with our services is of the utmost importance to us. We guarantee that you will be happy with the quality of our cleaning services and make sure it's done right.
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