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Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpeting is a huge expense to your property. We provide longevity and a clean appearance to your existing carpet using safe and proven methods of cleaning. 

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DPC will help extend your carpets life 

Commercial carpeting can be a huge expense to your property.

We can create a plan to determine the best schedule and method for cleaning your carpet.

Quarterly schedule:

On average we can add 5 years or more to your carpet's lifespan by keeping your building’s carpet on a quarterly schedule. 

Custom schedule:

High traffic carpet in hallways and by entrance doors may require more scheduled cleaning than in other areas of your building. 

Carpet Extraction

We can help maintain your carpet through the extraction method. This involves a carpet extraction machine, water and an environmentally friendly detergent. The carpet extractor heavily sprays water and detergent and then uses the power of a scrub brush to lift the dirt and stains that are embedded deep in the carpet pile. Then the machine uses a strong suction to recover the mixture of detergent and water that contains the dirt and stain into a recovery tank.  This is an effective way to really keep your carpet clean, but it does require a longer dry time for your carpet after extracting.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is another great way to clean your carpet. This involves a box unit with heaters for the water tank and a hose with a wand. The water is kept hot and deeply injected into the carpet fiber through the sprayer on the wand. Then the wand suctions the dirt and moisture from the carpet and returns it into a separate recovery tank. Steam Cleaning also provides sanitation due to the heat of the water which turns into steam. The drying time is much less with steam cleaning.

Carpet Bonneting

Carpet bonneting is another way to clean carpets and is an effective method on older carpet. This involves a low-speed scrubber with a cotton or rayon pad with an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning liquid. The carpet is pre sprayed with the liquid to a mist and not to a saturation. Then the low-speed machine turns the cotton pad in a clockwise motion which picks up and absorbs dirt from the top fibers of the carpet. The dirt and stains are absorbed in the cotton or rayon pad. Carpet bonneting will leave your carpet slightly damp which makes for a quicker dry time.

Request a Free Cleaning Estimate Online or Call Us for more information. 

Get started with 24/7 service. Call 404 418-1443 or

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Our Quality Guarantee

DPC prides itself in establishing its name as the leader in providing top-quality service to its clients. Your satisfaction with our services is of the utmost importance to us. We guarantee that you will be happy with the quality of our cleaning services and make sure it's done right.
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